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(Community rev) Build recruitment messaging for testing (Due Nov 4)
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For testing the surveys we will need two messages:

  • The message for inviting people to take the survey - might need legal review for the process (link to draft)
  • The second message to ask people to take the survey for testing - again, will probably need legal to review. (link to draft)

@Kalliope Let me know what you need as you start this off :)

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Edward, what is the second message for? Is it for a different testing audience altogether, or is it a follow-up message to be sent to the same testing audience as the first message but a week later as a reminder? Or, is it the message to go to those from the testing audience who get back to us, saying "sure, I'm happy to review those questions for you". I suspect it's the later and have started a draft on the same Google doc (because. we have enough Gdocs as it is). But, let me know either way, please.

@Kalliope The first message is to sign people up to test the survey, while the second is the official survey invitation - I think you wrote the messages in that way in the doc?

@egalvezwmf Yes, the first message is for the initial outreach to testers, while the second is intended as a response to people who reply positively to our call for help, granting this access to the survey.

Summary says "due Sep 20" - has this happened and should the task status be changed to "resolved"?

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