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Set file upload to autoconfirmed (meant is 4 days after account creation) Wikimedia-wide.
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Author: thogol

Very often users just create an account to upload unnecessary or unwanted files. We delete around three of such files on Meta per day (cf., and on other projects this is a problem as well, because in most cases there is no license or source provided and the files have to be deleted. People just come and start to upload their stuff immediately.

Of course, all wikis must be allowed to opt-out of this per community decision, but anyway. It should be default that uploads are enabled only after 4 days (just as page moves). It maybe needs an official note of the foundation on this, I don't know. At least, I would be glad to get one.

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spacebirdy wrote:

Please note that this is also very often a vandalism problem!

IMHO Commons should be left out

Best regards.

jeluf wrote:

This is not the place for this discussion. Please find consensus in the community first, then file a bug report.

thogol wrote:

I opened a thread here:
All who have already voted for this bug may please give their arguments or support there. Thank you.

thogol wrote:

Discussion has shown a quite overwhelming support. (Link see Comment #3.) Please reconsider. --~~~~

Bryan.TongMinh wrote:

I don't think there was consensus to enable this on Commons. Since when this was announced on Commons it was said that Commons would not be included on the proposal, it was not discussed here any further. I would ask to hold back this change on Commons to give us the time to discuss this first.


mike.lifeguard+bugs wrote:

Since Commons hasn't come to a quick consensus about this and needs more time, please exclude Commons, but proceed with the other wikis, for which consensus was gained at Meta. Commons will have to open a separate configuration request if they decide to follow suit. Thanks. Mike.lifeguard

Set as sitewide defaults:

user upload => false
autoconfirmed upload => true

with exception for commonswiki:

user upload => true

Note that I wouldn't recommend using this sort of setting in the long-term; restricting contributions by default in this way is *very* un-wiki and extremely unfriendly to new, impressionable contributors.

I very, very strongly suggest that this be rolled back as soon as we have better flagging and patrolling systems for new contributions.

thogol wrote:

(In reply to comment #8)

Sure. As soon as there is a possibility to hide uploaded images (or at least to block including them in other pages) as long as they are not patrolled, this setting is superflous, of course. >:O) Best regards, Th.

tsepelcory wrote:

regarding as invalid

(In reply to comment #10)

regarding as invalid

This isn't INVALID, the other bug was. Please stop changing bug statuses unless you know what you are doing.