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Overhaul the poll creation page
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This is a parent task for all the related subtasks about overhauling the poll create/edit interface. Things that will be addresses are:

  • Disabling certain features that cannot be edited once an election has already started
  • Allowing for entering the PGP decryption code via UI (rather than direct DB access which is how we do it now)
  • Expanding the choices of poll type

Event Timeline

Huji raised the priority of this task from Low to Medium.Oct 12 2016, 3:32 PM

@Huji @DannyS712 Since I've seen your names on a lot of SecurePoll tickets, I want to let you both know that Anti-Harassment Tools team is going to be working on some SecurePoll related tasks to get the extension in shape before the next Board elections. We are currently prioritizing the tasks based on needs expressed by Trust-and-Safety. So you'll see us moving some tasks around or picking some up. Feel free to let us know if we are doing something wrong or stepping on your toes in any way. :)