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Configuration script produces invalid HTML code
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patch for config/index.php

Acutally, the's validator says that the code produced by the configuration script is invalid (5 errors and a lot of warnings). To resolve that problem, i changed the doc type to use the XHTML 1.0 transitional (the one used by the wiki) instead of the HTML 4.01 transitional and resolved the errors for the main possible results of the script (including some errors). I also updated some links to point to instead of and modified the place of some comments in the generated LocalSettings.php.

Version: 1.12.x
Severity: normal

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I notice there's some duplication here; '</ul><p>...</p>' is wrapped around nearly every error message. It might be better to factor that out to a common location.

If not all dieout points are within lists, it might be cleaner to maintain a list state to control that.

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second patch for config/index.php

dieout is used before the main list is open if the script finds the LocalSettings.php file or if the directory isn't writable. I introduced $mainListOpened variable for the current state. dieout will also add <p> if the text doesn't start with a <p> or <h1>...<h6> (if don't use preg_match because the script checks if that function exists and uses dieout if not).