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Request for access to stat1003 for Sam Walton
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I would like access to stat1003 for the purposes of testing the data outputs of T115119; this would only involve reading the outputs to check different test cases and to understand the outputs so that plans can be made for utilising the data once fully deployed.

According to @Milimetric I should need the "researchers" and "statistics-users" groups.

I've understood and signed L3, but please let me know what else is needed.

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According to @Milimetric I should need the "researchers" and "statistics-users" groups.

You'd need one or the other - not both. Looking at T115119 it seems researchers is what you want.

@Samwalton9 (Hmm you have two accounts in here, which should we be using?), we need to get manager signoff here on the ticket. I guess this is your first access request for servers, so we'll also need an ssh key from you, your user name you want for login, etc. Check this list: and especially the part for new users. Thanks!

@ArielGlenn I'm pretty sure I just have this one, though I may have made an account linked to my WMF account at some point. Either way, this is the one I use. Approval on its way.

SSH Key:
ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDBSqKkOktF20xShNmJgeOpkhDYXFgcCvNPKbexn67on5M0hPNTKZjptFPCeoQh/i3suAvPDFakDt0pEcCZzzzcwArM21LJ2EFWeqwl6il20L45aD52y8zYYPrTtAi2YaqP77kbSl7/jVW0AFzM6m/G9e5550oeZKDbHGkANpi9uAqn7EjTI88i0txnTEGG6Bwu4G4H/08BsKbkW2C3sB2/h4V1GEHMhxlDEfhlEsVqfaYgrxmXJsTyAjsgawx+fIuqDJsrIFCWlu7IIfur+g0o+DVIDE5kCzZLUeD7FfwP0ym03f7fXF/yjg0sQzXKPF1eXLKXod+7Mn+KOnxLnj+d

Username for login: samwalton9

Change 311473 had a related patch set uploaded (by Dzahn):
admin: create shell account for Sam Walton

Change 311480 had a related patch set uploaded (by Dzahn):
admin: add samwalton9 to researchers

Hi @Samwalton9 this is ready to go, we'll just need the manager approval, then i'll start by merging the change above to create your user account. Cheers, Daniel

@Dzahn You have my approval as Sam's manager. He is a contractor for The Wikipedia Library program in Community Engagement, which I run.

Change 311473 merged by Dzahn:
admin: create shell account for Sam Walton

Change 311480 merged by Dzahn:
admin: add samwalton9 to researchers

@Ocaasi Thanks for the approval, alright.

@Samwalton9 Your user has now been created on stat1003 and the bastion hosts and you have been added to the "researchers" group.

You can find information about the needed SSH config to jump via the bastion hosts to the stats hosts here:

This should resolve the ticket. Let us know if any problems.

[stat1003:~] $ id samwalton9
uid=15557(samwalton9) gid=500(wikidev) groups=500(wikidev),714(researchers)

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