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namespace selector dropdown list should reflect current selection in Special:Newpages
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When Special:Newpages is displayed, the namespace selector dropdown list currently always shows the first entry (which happens to be "all"), regardless of the actual current namespace parameter.

Note that the default value, e. g. when Special:Newpages is invoked without parameters, e. g. from Special:Specialpages, the is the _main_ namespace (and not "all" namespaces).

This behaviour is misleading, as the user might believe that new pages from all namespaces are displayed, which will in most cases not be true. It would be desirable if the namespace selector could - as a visual indication of what the current result set displays - reflect the current setting (e. g. the main namespace when invoked for the main namespace or when invoked without namespace parameter, or e. g. the Template namespace when the user selects the Template namespace and clicks the Go button).

Version: 1.12.x
Severity: enhancement



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Fixed in r29618.

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