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RevisionDeletion edit summaries show in popups for administrators
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If the contributions of an editor are linked on a page, and that editor has contributions where the edit summary has been hidden by RevDel, Popups will show the diff anyway to administrators.

Narrative available at

Example (you must be an en administrator to see it):

  1. Go to above user talk page
  2. Hover over 'contribs' in the user links for IP
  3. If you are not an administrator, the edit summary in Popups will say 'Hidden revision', as it should
  4. If you are an administrator, the edit summary is displayed in Popups

Event Timeline

To add to this, if possible maybe popups could put a strikethrough the edit summary to indicate it has been revdel'd. That was the only concern for me. I thought I revdel'd the summaries then saw they were still there in popups and got confused and went back to the contribs to double-check.