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wbc_entity_usage doesn't consistently report properties
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It looks like wbc_entity_usage shows properties referenced inconsistently.

Except from :en:Template:Infobox_OS

| data22     = {{{license|{{#property:p275}}}}}
| label23    = Preceded by
| data23     = {{{preceded_by|{{{preceded by|}}}}}}
| label24    = Succeeded by
| data24     = {{{succeeded_by|{{{succeeded by|}}}}}}
| label25    = Official website
| data25     = {{#if:{{{website|}}}
                  |{{#ifeq:{{{website|}}}|hide||{{{website|}}} }}

But a query of WBC entity usage ( shows P856 but not P275. Why? Is this a bug?

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You missunderstand the meaning of the eu_entity_id field. It doesn't say that the property is used on the page but that some aspect of the whole entity (ie. Property:P856) is tracked. In this case, it's the label which you can see via {{Uses Wikidata|P856}}.

@Kjschiroo this is just one of the inconsistencies we looked at together, but maybe this explanation can be applied to the others. What do you think?

I think that this explanation extends to the other cases. @matej_suchanek What does it mean for entities to be tracked? What features does it enable?

AFAIK nothing but providing better aim for sending changes in order to update infoboxes in articles. Ie. when someone changes a label, Wikidata can quickly send update all articles where the label is used (because they track changes to this label).

hoo updated the task description. (Show Details)

This is not a bug: A property usage means that the actual property entity data has been used (the data on This is not the case here, the usage of P856 on the template page is caused by the This template uses the Wikidata property: official website (P856) info template.