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Use .wiki domains instead of .org on wiki sites owned by wikimedia foundation
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We should start using .wiki domains on the wiki sites.

Reasons I think we should is that it will encourage others to use the .wiki doman.

It will also be more approperate now that there is a .wiki domain, since we are a wiki.

Prevous ticket T88873

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The .org TLD also suits us perfecty. I don't think either of those is a strong enough reason for changing the domains of hundreds of wikis from to (repeat for each project).

Also note, the main point is not that wikipedia is a wiki. It is that it is an encyclopedia. And wiktionary a dictionary, etc.

@Platonides but Wikipedia and wikitionary are wiki's since they use mediawiki, which is a wiki softwhere. But It suits us since well the .wiki domain was created for wiki's and were one of them. But we will still have the .org domain for redirections to .wiki domain.

@Paladox you're just repeating yourself :) (~"use them because we're a wiki")

Note that WMF already owns all the .wiki domains and there is a long history that comes with that.

Also, our TLD is on millions(?)/billions(?) of printed materials, it's not a decision we can take lightly. Even with redirecting the previous primary urls etc.

Why not just redirect the .wiki domains to the .org domains?

Declining this task as the summary says instead of .org.

Why not just redirect the .wiki domains to the .org domains?

See T145907#2644886

Clarification: If anyone wants to discuss the use of .wiki TLDs, please use T88873 - Thanks.
(I merely closed T145907 because it asks to use them instead which is a wontfix.)