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Remove MediaWiki:Querypage-no-updates from recently restarted querypages
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Due to T142936 the following special pages (queries) are now being updated on a monthly basis, and this message needs to be removed from their "Special:..." -pages.

  • Special:lonelypages
  • Special:mostcategories
  • Special:mostlinkedcategories
  • Special:mostlinkedtemplates
  • Special:uncategorizedcategories

These are now being updated once a month. I couldn't figure out how to "edit" the Special-page to remove such a transcusion, so I guessed it is done on a dev-level, rather than an editor-level.

NOTE: This MediaWIki-message are still used on Special/query pages that are not regularly updated, and needs to be kept on those, and only removed from the ones mentioned above.

Event Timeline

The message is correct, strictly speaking, but only addresses the updates triggered by MediaWiki itself. Given the cronjobs are specific to the English Wikipedia, it would not be bad to just edit to add a mention of the monthly update.