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Suggestion: Allow reference from non-written article in one language to same article in other language(s)
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If a reference is made to an non-written article in a Wikipedia in e.g. Danish, then the link [[alpha]] will show up in read, indicating that the article is a non-written article in Danish, but there is no easy way to get to articles in other languages that may already been written.

The reference could then be made using [[:en:alpha]], but this will leave a number of references hard coded to the English article on the subject, even if the article is later written in Danish, so that approach is not to prefer.

So it would be an advantage if there was some way to indicate that an article was not yet written in the current language, but the article is available in other languages, so the reader may follow the reference it it is OK to read the article in another language.

Other readers/editors seems to miss a feature like this too, since they start doing language specific references using non-standard "(sv)", "(fr)" in an article like .

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Restricted Application added a subscriber: Aklapper. · View Herald TranscriptSep 20 2016, 8:33 AM

This sounds like a pretty complex topic which requires broader discussion, e.g. on the wikimedia-l mailing list, before discussing what kind of implementation approach might be acceptable. I can imagine this topic has been brought up before, plus there are some implementations (like deployment of the ArticlePlaceholder extension) which might also influence the best approach to tackle this.
Would you like to start that discussion?

Hi Aklapper, Thanks for you reply on this. I must admit that I have no experience posting suggestions for Wikipedia, and I have tried to make this suggestions several places, both on the Danish "Wikipedia:Landsbybrønden", the corresponding English "Wikipedia:Village pump (technical)", and now in the Phabricator, and all appears to come to a dead end.

? Should I try to post on wikimedia-l mailing list, and is this simply done by sending a mail to ?

? Or do you have some inside knowledge of the process, and judgement of the suggestion, so it is possible to determine that this suggestion wont be accepted anyhow ?

Best regards Morten

Thanks for merging this issue with previous T123021, and adding me to that. Best Morten