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Make sure all Preferences for Recent Changes are compatible with new filtering system/page tools (and that users' preferences carry over)
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The Preferences page for Recent Changes includes many settings. The new tools should be compatible with these settings. And all users' current preferences should carry over to the new system. Here's a list of the current settings (on my Prefs page anyway):

  • Days to show in recent changes:
  • Number of edits to show in recent changes, page histories, and in logs, by default:

Advanced options

  • Group changes by page in recent changes and watchlist (de-activate for the "Show Wikidata" option below to work)
  • Hide minor edits from recent changes
  • Hide categorization of pages
  • Hide patrolled pages from new page list
  • Show Wikidata edits by default in recent changes and watchlist (does not work yet with enhanced changes)

Pending changes

  • Use detailed boxes to show review status of pages
  • Use small icons and minimal text to show review status of pages
  • Use the default settings for each page
  • Always show the stable version (if there is one)
  • Always show the latest version