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Check if line 254 + line 255 which were left behind from SiteMatrix from Brickimedia/LocalSettings/LocalSettings_ext.php can be safely removed without breaking the site
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SiteMatrix was removed on Brickimedia on August 10th in this commit, however it's still have left a trail (in line 254 and line 255) which was unfortunately forgotten. Would it be possible to safely check if they can be removed without Brickimedia breaking?

(the PHP comments on line 252 and 253 should also be removed if it's possible to remove 254 & 255)

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ooh cor,

$wgLocalDatabases = array( "en", "customs", "gbc", "ideas", "meta");
$wgConf->wikis = $wgLocalDatabases;

brings back some memories. I feel like I may have tried to use this for global new messages or something, can't really remember. According to$wgConf it used by CentralAuth which we don't use, so I suspect it is safe to remove. Only way to know is to test though...

Yes, it can be safely removed without any errors. Those lines are entirely unused.

georgebarnick closed this task as Resolved.Jan 8 2017, 2:09 AM

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