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Increase quota for tools project
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Tools is close to full capacity atm - 127/150 instances, 480/512 VCPUs, 983,044/1,000,000 MB RAM.

RAM is borderline, and even adding one large instance will max it out.

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We will also need some headroom to create some Trusty instances prior to phasing out more precise pretty soon. The question is how much?

We talked about it in the Labs meeting today, and the plan is to bump up quota so there's enough space for 10 more Large instances(trusty). Each large instance is 4 VCPUs/80G disk/8G RAM.

This will accommodate for the precise->trusty migration. There are currently 20 precise nodes which will be phased out by March 2017, and as that happens and quota is freed up we will discuss this again and probably revert or cut back on the bumped up quota.

The current quota in the tool labs project is:

  • Cores: 480/512
  • RAM: 983044/1000000 MB
  • Instances: 126/150

To make 10 large instances we need:

  • 40 Cores
  • 80GB RAM

So we need to raise the quota to at least:

  • Cores: 520
  • RAM: 1064964 MB


@Andrew could you knock this out sometime this week?

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I did it!