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The URL is so long and consists of such complicated words that students will have problems typing it. should redirect to

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Tighe, Vahid and I have been brainstorming at talking to the WMF comms team about names. We wanted a name that emphasizes that this tool is good for organizing programs while moving away from "Dashboard", since so many things are already called that and there has been some confusion with program leaders creating programs that get deleted from .

We are close to settling on Program and Events Management System (although Vahid really likes Wiki Program Assistant), the url could be pems, .

Thanks for reply :).

Not sure that either Program and Events Management System or Wiki Program Assistant are particularly good ideas. Very long and difficult to understand if you do not speak English :). Both need abbreviations to work.

I think this is something we should discuss in the collab - a group of most experienced education leaders. The name will impact the ability to succeed with our projects worldwide.

The Wikimedia NYC chapter, thinking about the usefulness of this tool both for classrooms and edit-a-thons, has reserved, if people would like to use that as a redirect.

I like dash! I like that it's short and unique :-) It doesn't need to have a meaning

  • actually what does Moodle mean anyway? :-)

I think would be no problem at all, but might be because it implies a production service and the domains and are strictly separated. The theory is that Labs is for testing services and real production services with real end-users are moving to production. is a bit awkward.

could the WMF education team register a completely different domain of first order? eg or something of this sort?

What about the option of using (or but also actually moving your service into production? I think if it has real users and we want it to be reliable service facing the public it should be anyways. There are other "microservices" like, and also interactive apps like in production like that and it shouldn't be a real problem to do if you tell us about your requirements.

@Dzahn I would love to move it production. I understand that it's a more complicated thing than many of those "microservices", as it's a Ruby on Rails application with a not-insignificant number of dependencies. This is something that @dduvall and @awight previously did some groundwork for, but if you can point me in the right direction for what all it would take to be able to move it to production, I can start working on it and/or trying to find folks to help.

@Ragesoss I am willing to help with the productionizing. One thing to start with would be a list of requirements (software package names) that you had to install on your labs instance to get this going. A second one would be to request a repository on Gerrit (if not already existing) for the content and upload the existing code and get a (security) review for it. Finally we would make a small puppet role/module that installs the packages and git clones your content into the right place from your new repo.

Dzahn triaged this task as Medium priority.Feb 28 2017, 7:50 PM

@Ragesoss @dduvall Oops, is this the same thing that is suggested for deletion here? is programdashboard and outreachdashboard the same? Let's not delete it yet then?

@Dzahn That was part of the groundwork I mentioned, but it isn't actively being worked on. I think the idea was to delete it now, re-add it if/when it becomes relevant.

@Dzahn: a quick glance, it's also out of date in terms of the requirements; among other changes, the project is on Ruby 2.3 now.

@Ragesoss Ok, just seems like a waste of good work to remove it entirely and start from scratch. Maybe we can start by updating the dependencies list on ?

@Dzahn sounds good. I'll start pulling together all the dependency updates I notice. I added the Gerrit one, and I guess the existing set of tasks on the workboard for 'stabilize deployment' is still basically the right set of steps:

@Ragesoss Nice. Yea, those tasks on that workboard column sound about right to me. I'll comment on T159274 for getting the Gerrit project/repo.

Is it likely to have this implemented by September?

For a link, very unlikely. Getting all of the requirements in place to move this to WMF production servers is a pretty big project, and one I don't expect to have much time to focus on very soon.

Maybe something like at least?

@bd808 Hey, I don't have access to redirects project in cloudVPS and instance-puppet repo doesn't accept direct gerrit patches. Can you add these two lines to redirects hiera?

With that, this task can be called done IMHO.

@bd808 Hey, I don't have access to redirects project in cloudVPS and instance-puppet repo doesn't accept direct gerrit patches. Can you add these two lines to redirects hiera?

With that, this task can be called done IMHO.

Please follow the instructions on for requesting a new redirect. Such a request will need to either be created by, or at least given a "+1" style comment by a maintainer of the project owning the target proxy ( in this case).

@Ragesoss requested this (look at the above comments) and he's CTO of wiki edu foundation (the org maintaining the dashboard)

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