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upgrade grafana to 3.1.1
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We're currently running 3.0.4, and 3.1.1 is out which among other things fixes

root@carbon:~# reprepro --restrict grafana checkupdate
aptmethod 'http' seems to have a obsoleted redirect handling which causes
reprepro to request files multiple times. Work-around activated, but better
only use it for targets not redirecting (or upgrade to apt >= 0.9.4 if
that is the http method from apt)!
Calculating packages to get...
Updates needed for 'jessie-wikimedia|thirdparty|source':
Updates needed for 'jessie-wikimedia|thirdparty|amd64':
'grafana': '3.0.4-1464167696' will be upgraded to '3.1.1-1470047149' (from 'grafana'):
 files needed: pool/thirdparty/g/grafana/grafana_3.1.1-1470047149_amd64.deb
  nothing new for 'trusty-wikimedia|thirdparty|source' (use --noskipold to process anyway)
Updates needed for 'trusty-wikimedia|thirdparty|amd64':
  nothing new for 'precise-wikimedia|thirdparty|source' (use --noskipold to process anyway)
Updates needed for 'precise-wikimedia|thirdparty|amd64':

Existing dashboards shouldn't break as a result of the upgrade, though that's not guaranteed. Grafana can be manually upgraded on labmon1001 first and tested at and then proceed with reprepro --restrict grafana update

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Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2016-10-04T13:33:13Z] <godog> upgrade grafana to 3.1.1 on labmon1001 - T146354

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2016-10-12T10:10:10Z] <godog> upgrade grafana on krypton to 3.1.1-1470047149 T146354

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