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In changeset view, clicking the "Owner" name does not display list of their changesets but of unrelated other user
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Steps to reproduce:

Expected results:
Get list of open changesets with user Abc123 as owner.

Actual results:
Four changesets shown, all of them with Owner "Matěj Suchánek" instead of "Abc123"

Other comments:
Entering owner:"Abc123 <tomstarc123456@...." in the search box shows correct results (two changesets shown). [Replace .... by gmail here.]


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Paladox moved this task from Backlog to Reported Upstream on the Upstream board.

Polygerrit uses the email by default now for owners. For reviewers it seems it uses there account id but that may be different for ldap users. Polygerrit will be exposed in gerrit 2.14.

Upstream have recently changed it to link to the users dashboard (now supported in polygerrit). You can view other users dashboards now.

Paladox claimed this task.

This works in polygerrit (it used the email when i tryed just now).