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Open the Wikimedia Developer Summit 2017 call for participation
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In order to open the Wikimedia developer Summit 2017 call for participation we need to have

  • T146362: Define main topics of the Wikimedia Developer Summit 2016
  • broad description of what is offered: types of activities welcomed, duration of slots, spaces available...
  • broad description of the process to select proposals and pre-schedule sessions (we should take the process of last year and see what improvements are needed)
  • broad description of the Unconference (we should recycle as many documentation as possible from the 2016 edition)

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Qgil updated the task description. (Show Details)Sep 29 2016, 1:35 PM
Qgil added a comment.Sep 29 2016, 1:50 PM

The basic information is in place and in my opinion the only hard blocker to open the call for participation is the Phabricator form and fixing the related blue button links.

What is currently missing (from the description):

@Qgil I am sending you an invite to the drive folder with all the documentation.

Qgil closed this task as Resolved.Sep 30 2016, 1:36 PM

Duration of slots, after thinking further I don't even think we need to commit to that now. Let's give us time to discuss this, reading back the lessons learned and listening to the feedback coming through proposals for activities or directly.

I have defined a selection process at I think it is good enough to unblock the opening of the call for participation, but you can still propose improvements at

Description of the Unconference, I have created T147057: Document the Wikimedia Developer Summit Unconference and I am for opening the Call for participation without it. As a matter of fact we seemed not to have any definition written down last time, so we will survive right now.

... and I just opened it. Announced in wikitech-l, wikitech-ambassadors, mediawiki-l, and wikimedia-l. Further promotion is needed, but this will be part of T146615: Promote the Wikimedia developer Summit 2017 beyond the usual circles.