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Mark changes patrolled when their diff page is edited
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If someone with patrol right looks at a diff and changes the page through the edit link found there, it can be reasonably assumed that he made whatever changes were neccessary, and the original edit can be marked as patrolled. As a special case, undo and rollback edits could also mark the respective versions as patrolled.

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This would probable require the multiple-edit patrol feature requested in bug 8697, as one diff/undo/rollback might fix/revert several consecutive edits.

I disagree that this should be assumed. A patroller isn't always "on duty".
When a patroller browses through the history of page and edits at some point I dont think it should be assumed that the edit is patrolled.

The way that "patrol" is used differs per wiki both within WMF and outside of it. It's a toggleable of which the requirements are free to be intepreted by each wiki. For that reason I think it is wrong to automatically patrol when editing.

Besides, although it adds up, it's just another click. And with Ajaxpatrollinks it's not even an extra page.