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Re-enable upload on Incubator
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Author: triyork

Please reallow uploading on Incubator because in some rare cases we might need to upload on Incubator itself.
So, please remove 'incubator' => false under $wgEnableUploads, and set the following under GroupOverrides:
'incubator' => array(
'bureaucrat' => array( 'upload' => true )
'*' => array( 'upload' => false )
'sysop' => array( 'upload' => false )

*Please* also resolve bug 10727, we are waiting on it for months...

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to Medium.Nov 21 2014, 10:01 PM
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jeluf wrote:

Has the community agreed on this? Please provide a link to the corresponding discussion and reopen this bug.

I and MF-Warburg had a talk on IRC and we both agreed. We are the two most active users on Incubator.

If this isn't enough: I'm starting a talk/voting on

Reopening this bug, as we now have clearly community support (see link in the comment above).

So please fix this bug, and, to mention it again, bug 10727.

jeluf wrote:

'user' was missing in the config. Should be correct now.

'incubatorwiki' => array(
'bureaucrat' => array( 'upload' => true ),
'*' => array( 'upload' => false ),
'sysop' => array( 'upload' => false ),
'user' => array( 'upload' => false ),
'test-sysop' => array(

	'delete' => true,
	'undelete' => true,
	'deletedhistory' => true,
	'block' => true,
	'blockemail' => true,
	'rollback' => true,