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Wizard for creating new items for new statements
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I want to enter the husband of {{Q|56185}}. My source tells me:
"At the age of 25 she marries the electrical engineer Walter F. Demmerle (born in 1893), a friend of the family. Because she had earned her PhD under her maiden name, she kept it. Their marriage lasts until her husband’s death in 1947."

I click on spouse and I enter Walter F. Demmerle. Wikidata shows me no search results. Unfortunately it doesn't allow me a fast way to create the item for Walter F. Demmerle.
I think it would be great if there's a button in this case that a can click and that serves up a wizard. The wizard has a few fields:

Name: X
Gender: (autofilled as male because Ida Rolf is female but possible to change.
Date of marriage: X
Place of marriage: X
Date of birth: X
Place of birth: X
Date of death: X
Place of death: X
Button:"Create new item"

The wizard could automatically fill "instance_of":human.

I think such a wizard would reduce the time to enter this claim to a third that it currently takes. There could be a similar wizard for entering mother and father of a person.

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I am going to mark this as a duplicate of the other one because we'll need to handle this together.