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Feature request: Consistent snackbar design in Wikimedia UI
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Looking through M101 and the OOJS UI Demos, there seems to be no confirmed design for a consistent snackbar. When there's no visual consistency, it has the potential to confuse viewers

  • "edit was saved" snackbar

pasted_file (738×1 px, 325 KB)

  • "added to watchlist" snackbar

pasted_file (738×1 px, 328 KB)

I wasn't able to get a screenshot for preferences, but it's essentially the same design as the "added to watchlist" snackbar (and there's probably more confirmation snackbars but these are the three I can recall off the top of my head). Even then, they're still not however confirmed to be the official design since it's not in the Wikimedia UI spec, can this be addressed?

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All these bubble notifications (including the "Edit was saved") aren't created by the ConfirmEdit extension. So, I remove this project :) Probably you planned to add another project?

What should the bubbles look like? (As the OOJs UI doesn't provide such notification bubbles, as far as I know? :)

Also removing MediaWiki-Special-pages, because it's a (rightful) general question for addition in M101, not only special pages specific.