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Reformat the actions of some SocialProfile logs (Avatar upload log and User profile edit log) for consistency with other logs
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The main action in a log is usually without parentheses or italics, as the action summary is supposed to be that. Down below, I provide examples of what they look like, and for what they should actually look like. Simple + minor changes I believe, but consistency is always important. :)

Avatar upload log / Special:Log/avatar


23:39, March 13, 2016 Jack Phoenix (talk | contribs | block) (uploaded new avatar)

should instead show as:

23:39, March 13, 2016 Jack Phoenix (talk | contribs | block) uploaded a new avatar ([[File:whateverfile.png]])

Above, we actually show that the uploading the avatar is the action, where the avatar file is the provided summary, similar to how deletions are actions and reasons are provided in the summary in Special:Log/delete.

User profile edit log / Special:Log/profile


13:47, December 4, 2014 Some (talk | contribs | block) (changed section 'personal')

Should instead show as (or something similar to):

13:47, December 4, 2014 Some (talk | contribs | block) changed a section ('personal')

Edit: Actually, perhaps Special:Log/profile could support gender pronouns, where it would say "changed a section on her profile" / changed a section on his profile". If they modified Special:Preferences where they prefer not to say it, it would say "Changed a section on their profile". (Yes, it's a perfectly valid pronoun to use for singular gender-neutral context! Check it out, for anyone who doesn't know.)

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Yeah, the log format sucks, and as you can guess, it's due to legacy reasons. Basically I agree with the overall summary of this task, but I'm just not sure how easy it is to do, hence setting priority to Low.

Two things I want to point out:

  1. User avatars are actually not handled as normal MediaWiki files, so pretty much the best you can do is log "User Foo uploaded a new avatar"; it's just not possible to link to its File: page as there is no corresponding File: page in existence.
  2. Many, if not all, log entries do indeed support the GENDER magic word (take a look at AFTv5's i18n file(s) for a good example). If something doesn't, adding support for it should be trivial. However, to my knowledge, English localization has tried to stay as (gender-)neutral as possible. So while you can write something like {{GENDER:$1|his|her|their}} in an i18n message, it would be inconsistent with core and other extensions (I think). It's mainly meant for gendered languages, such as Spanish or French, where the verb varies depending on the person's gender and where there is no equivalent of the English singular they.
  1. Makes sense. I'm fine with what you suggested: "User Foo uploaded a new avatar".
  2. That's fine, we can just keep it as Changed a section ('personal').

where there is no equivalent of the English singular they.

Just documenting here that I've seen concerns raised by an editor who does not identify with he or she, and also objects to singular they in English. When it's reasonably easy to avoid pronouns or gender-indicating words entirely, at least some people will appreciate it. For example, maybe the unspecified/default option could read "Changed a section on the profile" or "Changed a section on Username's profile" instead of "Changed a section on their profile".