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Improve metrics of offline usage
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At the product tech onsite in September 2016, we had a session on “Offline”. One thing we quickly realized is that we have some unanswered questions on the usage of saved pages in our existing products:

How many people actually read “offline”?
How many people open pages they have saved previously from “saved” offline or not?
How many pages do users typically save in a single session?

Filling in these gaps could help us with the New Readers project as well as improving the offline feature across all platforms. Here is a straw man plan:

  1. Discus other questions we would like to answer here
  2. Create some new metrics to answer those questions
  3. File tickets to add new analytics to Android, iOS, and Web
  4. Setup some time in Q3 to review the data

Thoughts? Questions? 👍 or 👎?

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Fjalapeno updated the task description. (Show Details)Sep 26 2016, 4:09 PM

Thanks for writing the ticket, @Fjalapeno. For some additional context, we're going to be asking Wikipedia's Indian facebook followers about their offline behavior (not just with Wikipedia) this week. We're hoping to ask in the other new readers target countries, but don't have the audience right now

This may help us expose where our existing solution set doesn't meet the needs of users.

Here's some questions I'd love to have answered as a starting point:

  1. How often are saved articles read again when online?
  2. How often are saved articles read again when offline?
  3. Do people remove articles from their saved pages? Is there behavior that generally precedes this? (as in, do people tend to finish the article all the way through? or...?)
  4. How many articles are saved per user?
  5. How often do people open the app when offline? Is this dependent on if they have already saved pages?
  6. When opening the app, do users go straight to saved pages? What about when offline?