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Display of cross-wiki search results: add in new results in right sidebar
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Using the finalized design from T146663, this ticket will be used to create the new right sidebar that will contain the relevant search results that were found from cross-wiki searching.

The new results will:

  • add in additional search results from sister wikis on right hand side
  • display header for the sister project(s) results, and in each:
    • display first result in an enhanced way using metadata image and description
    • display two more results with smaller amount of metadata description (no images)
  • separate each sister wiki results with sufficient white space (or other method) to easily discern the results from the different wiki's
  • show as many sister wiki projects that have relevant results as we can
    • i.e.: if only one sister project has relevant search results, display that one sister project
    • i.e.: if 6 sister projects have relevant search results, display all of them (each project will contain up to 3 results each)
  • add in a method to 'click here to turn off additional search results from sister projects'
    • this could be displayed as a text link or cog type icon
    • this setting will be retained client-side (within the browser) and cached or otherwise cookied so that the user has the same setting the next time they get the search results page

In the case where the user typed in a query using a language other than the wiki that they are searching on, and we can detect that language and find results to display:

  • sister projects will display relevant results in the native wiki language that the user searched on
    • not in the language that we detected that their search query was in

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Closing this out - the contents of it were tested in T149806.