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Investigate the Refactoring needs in order to realize the Book Referencing Wish in the Cite Extension
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Warning: The decision whether to implement the wish has not been taken yet, since we are still analyzing the (overall positive) feedback from the German community. This task is still about finding out the full extent of work that the task entails.

The refines functionality would be added to the CiteExtension. Please investigate which refactorings are must-do refactorings, and how much time it would take to do them.
What we would want to be able to do:

  • Add our code without worsening code quality
  • Allow testing of our code
  • Support general code handling, i.e. supporting general overview over the CiteExtension

The wish to improve the referencing of multiple parts of the same source was part of the German-speaking community's technical wishlist in 2013, 2015 and of the international technical wishlist in 2015. For more info, see the parent task