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Add external link to tabs layout
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Dashiki [1] is a dashboarding tool that we use for ad-hoc dashboards at WMF. It implements several different layouts which are basically graphs and data filters organized in different ways to present different types of data. The most generic layout is "tabs" which basically just groups graphs into tabs. An example is this dashboard: (this has several thousand visitors each month, it's useful to a lot of outside research as well as internal decisions)

Which is configured in this on-wiki config page:

The tabs layout graphs don't have a way to link out to metric definitions, dataset explanations, etc. Adding one entails basically making it so you can put something like { metricDefinition: } and it would show up somewhere in a graph footer, to give a general explanation of what metric the user is looking at.

Dashiki is written in JS, with require JS, uses knockout for data flow and templating, Semantic UI for widgets, and D3 or dygraphs for graphing. The repository is here:


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A great and easy project for newcomers to look up to.

(Would some mentor this in Google-Code-in-2018, if that's in scope? If so, providing some more pointers in the task description for an absolute newcomer would be welcome, plus required knowledge of languages and such.)

@Aklapper I'm happy to mentor this, I'll make the description amazing :) (but after my meetings today)

@Milimetric: If you'd still be interested in mentoring this in Google-Code-in-2018, you'd have two more weeks to register as a mentor. :)

I tried to register at the site, but that site has some major bugs... For example, when signing in, it says I am not authorized to be there. But it also signs me out of Chrome!!! I didn't think that was possible... I'm going to stay away unless someone lets me know how to get around this.

manually merged into T168573, to make it easier to triage and decide on the future of Dashiki.