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Gerrit account issue (can't log into Gerrit, can log into wikitech)
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I can't log into Gerrit anymore though I can still log into wikitech. Perhaps my Gerrit account was deactivated when I left WMF? (It was part of the WMF LDAP group.) If so, could it be reactivated without the WMF permissions?

My Gerrit/wikitech username is 'Eloquence'.

Kunal suggested filing this here; please feel free to point me to a more appropriate venue if this isn't the right one.

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gerrit> select inactive from accounts where full_name = 'Eloquence';
(1 row; 1 ms)

@demon, @QChris, know anything about this?

demon claimed this task.

Fixed. Not entirely sure I remember why the account was deactivated.