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Add type decoding support to tsv2json
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This is necessary for converting old TSV files to new JSON files.

The utility currently expects that all values are strings.

$ echo -e "rev_id\tdamaging\n1\ttrue\n2\tfalse\n3\tfalse" | tsv2json 
{"damaging": "true", "rev_id": "1"}
{"damaging": "false", "rev_id": "2"}
{"damaging": "false", "rev_id": "3"}

This is less useful and requires lots of work in sed to clean things up. Adding type decoding will allow the following code to work.

$ echo -e "rev_id\tdamaging\n1\ttrue\n2\tfalse\n3\tfalse" | tsv2json int bool 
{"damaging": true, "rev_id": 1}
{"damaging": false, "rev_id": 2}
{"damaging": false, "rev_id": 3}