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Montage error yesno voting after skipping
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When I skip 3 images, and up/downvote the rest, I get to this phase where there are the three left, and it doesn't go further. I attached screenshot.

montage error.png (555×1 px, 11 KB)

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@Effeietsanders can you check to see if you still run to this issue? I cannot recreate it.

I can't recreate it either with such large batches. Maybe when we can set up a small batch for a yesno vote?

Yarl added a subscriber: Yarl.

If you will catch this bug again, please do not forget to paste console log here (right-click anywhere on page -> Inspect element -> tab Console).

Yup, just tested it in (Iran 2016, ending oct 4th)

47angular.js:13920 Attempted to use unregistered theme 'blue'. Register it with $mdThemingProvider.theme().
4angular.js:13920 Markup '<md-button flex></md-button>' may not work as expected in IE Browsers. Consult '' for details.
34angular.js:13920 Attempted to use unregistered theme 'blue'. Register it with $mdThemingProvider.theme().

version 16.10.06

I can get this error while rapidly skipping images, then voting on some.
The errors I am getting are some entries of this:

angular.js:13920 TypeError: Cannot read property 'entry' of undefined

at controller.getImageName (round.js:55)
at fn (eval at compile (angular.js:14817), <anonymous>:4:398)
at angular.js:15946
at Scope.$digest (angular.js:17515)
at Scope.$apply (angular.js:17790)
at angular.js:19621
at completeOutstandingRequest (angular.js:5964)
at angular.js:6243

Right, skipping and saving needs to be rewritten on front-end. I will try to do it today.

Guys, do you still have problems with this one? Skipping was rewritten two days ago, wondering if it's still problematic.

I can't recreate it, @Yarl. Moving it to Done and will close it unless someone on this thread reports otherwise in the next 2 days.