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Phab error when dragging a task
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This has happened to me a few times recently, with different tasks. When dragging a task to a new column (possibly always to/from a "milestone" column), it fails with a popup error like this:

Unhandled Exception ("AphrontDuplicateKeyQueryException")
#1062: Duplicate entry 'PHID-PROJ-4y5gw5adxnh7eb5t6mqq-PHID-PCOL-plsngegjuwikmxt6opfn-PH' for key 'boardPHID'

An example you can see right now is in Team-Practices. I have been trying to drag T141138 from the "This-Week" column to the "General Backlog" column. I can leave this test case there for a few days, in case it helps with debugging.

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Restricted Application added subscribers: TerraCodes, Aklapper. · View Herald TranscriptSep 30 2016, 8:41 PM

This looks similar to T139396

Confirmed. The issue happends when you move the task from a milestone to the normal project.

This looks similar to T139396

Well that's annoying. I specifically did a search for the error string, to see if it had been reported, and didn't see any matches. I'm not sure whether to blame phab's search or my giving up the search too quickly.

I guess I'll merge this one in, then.

Paladox added a comment.EditedSep 30 2016, 8:57 PM

Yes, blame phab search, we had a problem this week that resulted us in going with innodb instead of myisam so search will be a little off then usual, see T147095 and T146843