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"Run" button not re-enabled after some queries fail
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Some errors don't cause the run button to be re-enabled and the "Running query" banner does not go away.

I've seen this happen when the server returns 502 (see screenshot on T146576), 504 and when running queries which I'm assuming are over the URL length limit (displays the error "ERROR: Could not contact server").

I would expect these errors to be handled like other errors, with the "Running query" banner removed once the query has failed and the "Run" button re-enabled.

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Maybe a "stop" button would help.

There's another ticket somewhere for that. I'd link to it, but I can't find anything with Phabricator's search lately.

It would make it easier for users to work around the problem, but it wouldn't really fix the underlying issue.

I don't have much luck with Phab-search either .. I can't even find tickets I have read before ;)

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The query cancelling task is T136479.

Change 315505 had a related patch set uploaded (by Jonas Kress (WMDE)):
Refactor error extraction and move to api

Change 315505 merged by jenkins-bot:
Refactor error extraction and move to api

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