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Notification items should be real links when possible
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When filing T147138 I noticed two issues with the user interface:

Here's a screenshot:

  1. clicking on "Events", "Beta Features" lists me events from the page
  2. to report the bug, I tried to right click on the "Events", "Beta Features" and expected to have a link to those pages. Unfortunately, it is not a real link anywhere.
  3. "Beta Features" notification item was actually referring to "Talk:Beta Features". I think it should have been somehow reflected in the UI (naming the item "Talk:Beta Features", providing namespace textual description with an icon or whatever).

As it is in the case of the watchlist I sometimes prefer to jump directly to the target page especially if there is a larger (more than two) notifications for it. This way I can see the final outcome of the events and browse the history myself as I see fit.

So it is unclear to me if the link on the item should point to the particular list of the notification items (this is more consistent with the behaviour of the non-existing link when clicked).

At the same time there would be a way to directly jump to the affected page without going through the notifications first (a direct link).

(Apologies if this is a dupe, there are too many items on Notifications board to go through them). Most descriptions on the board are pretty technical and it is hard to follow if one does not know the actual implementation.

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We could do this with fragments or query strings, and would probably do at least part of it as part of T135877: Cross-wiki notifications in no-JavaScript version of Special:Notifications.

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I misunderstood the bug, it sounds like you want a link to the actual page. That wouldn't make sense, because clicking it doesn't go to the page but instead filters the list of notifications. Also, you can already access the page by clicking any notification about that page. What we probably will do is make those things link to a Special:Notifications URL that filters for those page (so that left-click and middle-click do the same thing conceptually).

As for Beta Features vs Talk:Beta Features, that's deliberate: talk pages and subject pages are grouped together. When you click Beta Features, we show notifications for both Beta Features and Talk:Beta Features.

Also, note that nav popups will soon work for notifications again, so you can use those to go to pages (and their histories) as well, using links from each notification to the page it's about.