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Unprotecting a non-protected page leaves a log entry
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It's possible to "unprotect" a page without protection ever having been set. If you use &action=unprotect on a page and confirm the protection, it leaves a log entry.

Generally this wouldn't really matter, however, people sometimes use scripts and they accidentally hit the wrong button / link, causing an awkward log entry.

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overlordq wrote:

change to Title.php

A change similar to r30020 to check the return of the SQL UPDATE/DELETE of Title Protection should fix this?

Tests 1-4 before patch, tests 5-12 after.


sxwiki wrote:

Confirmed this behavior on my testwiki, and, confirmed the patch as working.


Still having this issue. See .

I set an expiry and a protection reason and clicked confirm, which logged the unprotection, even though the page was never protected.