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Need a new mailing list
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Last week we started a new wikiproject at for coordination of a large project devoted to librarians, libraries, books, bibliology and related topics. During wikiworkshops I gathered a list of email addresses of people interested in taking part in the project, later this year we will hold additional workshops, in January we plan an editathon, there's a list of red links in the making - all in all the project is in full swing. I guess a public mailing list will be the easiest way to contact the participants.

The name most consistent would be, as it's intended for librarians active on Polish Wikipedia (bibliotekarze means librarians in Polish).

The initial list administrator's address is (my official chapter's address), we'll add additional admins if need be. Secondary email address is (the group's leader on behalf of the Polish Librarians Association).

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No, meta states posting on Phabricator.
Please provide the data requires (see the link) and edit the task summary to mention the list name. Also note that the proposed name with its -l appendix might collide with more recent naming schemes. Thanks! :)

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Aklapper, I have no idea how did I miss the info at the main page and headed directly to talk, thanks for pointing me the right direction. Anyway, I updated the requested name and filled in all info in the task. Does it look ok now?

Ok, I was told by Krenair here, that there is a "list creation password". Any idea who has it?

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