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VisualEditor encloses ISBN numbers inside <nowiki> tags
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VisualEditor encloses ISBN numbers inside <nowiki> tags.

Try the following steps:

  • edit a page with VisualEditor
  • add any ISBN number but don't c&p it!
  • click "Save changes"
  • click "Review your changes" to verify your edit and save it

You'll find the ISBN no enclosed in <nowiki> tags like <nowiki>ISBN 978-3-9815841-5-8</nowiki>
See [1] for a sample

On de-wiki there is a abuse filter [2] now but you are unable to remove the tags manually

The tag filter says this edit is made by VisualEditor [3]

[1] for a sample

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Might be. But you can always reproduce this bug. When you enter an ISBN number not followed by a space (or newline) you always get it but not sometimes!

That is correct behaviour. We can't autolink until they hit space as we don't know where the ISBN ends. ISBNs will almost always be copied and pasted.