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Upgrade OTRS to 5.0.13
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A number of bugs we 've been bitten by in our installation have been fixed upstream. 5.0.13 is currently released in the FTP repo. Scheduling an upgrade for Oct 11 2016. 09:00 UTC . It should incur a small downtime of a few minutes.

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The upgrade has been successful, we are now running 5.0.13. Resolving this

There appear to be some database issues with ticket notification settings that need further investigation.
Can you please check that?

Yeah, seems like the upgrade script is creating those. It is a byproduct of the migration process. I 'll remove the duplicate ones.

I 've removed the ones marked Duplicate. Is the issue still present ?

Looks good for me, but I'm not sure yet of the old values are ok for all users.

So, I re-ran the migration scripts because of

If you upgrade from OTRS 5 Patch Level 2 or earlier, please run scripts/ once during the upgrade to fix possible issues with dysfunctional notification tags.


cause my memory failed me and could not remember if we had ran it before. Turns out it is not idempotent, so we should skip running in any later patch levels.

Looks good for me, but I'm not sure yet of the old values are ok for all users.

Those are not touched by the upgrade script as it seems. They have timestamps back in February 2016 (since we did the upgrade) so I assume that if anyone did not like them, they would have complained by now.

Looks good. Looking at the histories of the most recent tickets, only one notification is sent per agent (as it should be), and the duplicates are also gone from the user settings panel. At least in my case, I can also say that my previous notification settings were unaffected, both according to my user settings and de facto. While the duplicate was in place, I started to get queue update notifications; but when I just tested this by moving a ticket from Junk to info-de and back, I no longer got such a notification. In other words, the previous behavior was fully restored.

For what is worth, my notifications have remained unaffected.

I 'll tentatively re-resolve this. Feel free to reopen