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Old topics are gone and cannot create new topics in Flow in MW 1.27.1, after upgrade from 1.25.1
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I updated from MW 1.25.1

  1. Old topics are gone:
  1. Cannot create new topics:

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Aklapper renamed this task from Flow broken in MW 1.27.1 to Old topics are gone and cannot create new topics in Flow in MW 1.27.1, after upgrade from 1.25.1.Oct 5 2016, 12:15 PM

How did you update Flow exactly? Which git branch / revision?

I figured out I had not set $wgFlowContentFormat which defaults to "html" which requires Parsoid (T147712).

I don't use Parsoid, so I started all over again.

Setup before update

  • MW 1.27.1
  • All kind of extensions which were tested before, including the required Echo and ParserFunctions.
  • Memcached tested and working
  • Flow (REL1_27 2016-07-19T23:02:44 af307cc):
require_once "$IP/extensions/Flow/Flow.php";
$wgGroupPermissions['sysop']['flow-create-board'] = true;
$wgFlowEditorList = array( 'none' );
$wgFlowMaxLimit = 50;
$wgFlowCacheVersion = 6;
$wgFlowContentFormat = null; // wikitext


  1. Create DB from 1.25.1 dump
  2. php /.../maintenance/populateContentModel.php --ns=all --table=page > Sets all pages "to wikitext"
  3. php /.../extensions/Flow/maintenance/FlowUpdateRevContentModelFromOccupyPages.php > Set content model for 0 pages; skipped 0 pages.
  4. php /.../maintenance/update.php > Error at the end:
...index echo_event_type already set on echo_event table.
...index echo_user_timestamp already set on echo_notification table.
...flow_revision table already exists.
...have rev_last_edit_id field in flow_revision table.
...have rev_mod_reason field in flow_revision table.
Modifying subscription_user_id field of table flow_subscription ...done.
...flow_summary_revision table does not exist, skipping modify field patch.
...rev_comment field does not exist in flow_revision table, skipping modify field patch.
Modifying workflow_id field of table flow_workflow ...done.
...have workflow_type field in flow_workflow table.
...workflow_user_id field does not exist in flow_workflow table, skipping modify field patch.
Modifying workflow_wiki field of table flow_workflow ...done.
...index flow_workflow_lookup already set on flow_workflow table.
...index flow_topic_list_topic_id already set on flow_topic_list table.
Modifying rev_change_type field of table flow_revision ...done.
Modifying rc_source field of table recentchanges ...done.
Modifying rev_change_type field of table flow_revision ...done.
...have rev_user_ip field in flow_revision table.
...have rev_user_wiki field in flow_revision table.
...index flow_tree_descendant_rev_id already set on flow_tree_revision table.
...flow_tree_revision table does not contain tree_orig_create_time field.
...index flow_revision_user already set on flow_revision table.
Modifying rev_user_ip field of table flow_revision ...done.
...have rev_type_id field in flow_revision table.
...flow_ext_ref table already exists.
...flow_definition doesn't exist.
...flow_workflow table does not contain workflow_user_ip field.
...have rev_content_length field in flow_revision table.
...flow_ext_ref_pk key doesn't exist.
Adding index flow_workflow_update_timestamp to table flow_workflow ...done.
Adding ref_src_wiki field to table flow_wiki_ref ...done.
Adding ref_id field to table flow_wiki_ref ...done.
Modifying ref_target field of table flow_ext_ref ...A database query error has occurred.
Query: ALTER TABLE `flow_ext_ref` CHANGE ref_target ref_target BLOB NOT NULL

Function: DatabaseBase::sourceFile( /.../extensions/Flow/db_patches/patch-ref_target_not_null.sql )
Error: 1170 BLOB/TEXT column 'ref_target' used in key specification without a key length (localhost)

Page call

Calling a page where a flow board was added in MW 1.25.1 returns

Unknown topic
The requested topic does not exist.

Debug log for that single page call: P4180

This seems to be exactly the same problem as T110446#2613215 . Mark wrote a patch for that (linked from the task) which I merged; does your version of Flow include his patch?

No. I remain unable to update since August now because of 1.27 complications.

Shit is not stable.

@Subfader: Even if you may have reasons to be annoyed, a simple "Did not help, see T110446#2710317" would be sufficient. Thanks!