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Add tags to partners
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TWL has a controlled vocabulary of tags that can be applied to partners, to indicate the type of resources they can provide in order to promote discoverability for editors. We need to do the following:

  • add database support for tags
  • make sure resources/ allows site administrators to add tags to partners (at a minimum; if coordinators are supposed to be tagging resources, we will need a front-end option for so doing)
  • alter partner_tile.html so that it displays tags
  • consider other places we may want to display tag information
  • consider discoverability-centric interfaces (e.g. a page listing tags, the ability to filter the list of all partners by tag)
  • make sure any additional URLs added by this process fit into the information architecture in some way that makes sense

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@Ocaasi Should this be a post-immediate-bugfix priority for the near future, or later?

Status: I have some code on local/github that does tags, but it's not yet integrating properly with modeltranslation. It's actually on the server but we're not running HEAD right now - we're running code before taggit deploy.

ThatAndromeda closed this task as Resolved.Feb 3 2017, 7:20 PM

OK, figured out the problem and the fix, documented it, deployed it. You have tags now! You even have them in French and Finnish if you want. They don't autocomplete, so it's on you to maintain the controlled-ness of the vocabulary (but that seems to be squarely within your core competencies).

Samwalton9 added a comment.EditedFeb 3 2017, 7:28 PM

Looks awesome! Minor issue. I created a tag, with no non-English translations. When trying to create a second also with no non-English translations, I get "Tag with this Name [fi] already exists." for the other languages presumably because blank == blank.

Well, I have learned a delightful amount about the internals of Django model field construction. It works now (including if you leave fields blank).

Awesome, thanks!