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Add option to email people about Terms of Use changes
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We say in the Terms that we will email users if they change significantly, but we don't actually have a way to do that. We need to add a feature that allows site administrators to do that.

  • only needs to be exposed to site admins, not coordinators, so putting it in the admin interface is fine
  • should be documented in docs/
  • must be a manual trigger, not an automatic one, because computers can't tell whether a change is "significant"

Depends on T147431.

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Samwalton9 lowered the priority of this task from Medium to Low.Nov 10 2016, 9:59 PM
Samwalton9 added a subscriber: Samwalton9.

Does this refer to per-partner ToU changes, or Library Card Platform ToU?

Either way, might be best to remove that note temporarily; this doesn't seem to be of high priority right now.

Nikkimaria raised the priority of this task from Low to Medium.Apr 8 2018, 4:38 PM

I wonder if we should broaden this to be a general ability to email everyone who had an account active in the last year. We could also use it to contact TWL editors en-masse about relevant changes.

Samwalton9 lowered the priority of this task from Medium to Low.Apr 12 2018, 6:06 PM

Per more recent conversations, okay to replace this with simply requiring people to re-agree whenever a change deemed significant happens.

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