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Change payment provider URL to old style
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At the moment, switching between the new and old fundraising app is not easy and may lead to lost payment transaction notifications because the URLs for the payment providers are different. The solution for this to use the URLs of the old application and use rewrite rules in the new application.

The rewrite rules are already deployed to the server configuration ( but not tested. We need to do the following steps:

    1. Change PayPal URLs to /spenden/paypal_handler.php in app/config/ and if anything breaks, fix it in the rewrite rules (both on the server and in the infrastructure repo).
  1. Change the MCP URL in the MCP admin interface to /spenden/mcp-handler.php and if anything breaks, fix it in the rewrite rules (both on the server and in the infrastructure repo).

In both cases it would be ideal if the donation itself could be triggered by the old application (maybe by using the old application on the test server with the production config) and the notification processed by the new application. @kai.nissen do you think that's possible?

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The test system uses a different data base, so the split you mentioned above will not work. At least PayPal can be fully tested using its sandbox environment. MCP will not send payment notifications when using the test mode.

What about we leave the configuration as it is and only create rewrites for the new URLs in the old fundraising application?

I'm wondering how important this is. Why would we switch between the app versions? We've been running the new app for some time now no?

@JeroenDeDauw: See 1st sentence of the description why this is important. At the moment, in the unlikely event that we need to revert back to the old application, all Paypal and MCP payment would fail after the switch because the URL would be no longer the same.

But I agree with @kai.nissen that we should do the change in the NGINX files of the old application.

I created the rewrites. There is a pull request up.