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Revision::insertOn() fails due to a race condition if the page was created in the same request
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If you create a page, then, in the same request, call Revision::insertOn() (or perform an action, such as protecting the page, that calls that method) an exception is thrown. This happens because Revision::insertOn() calls Revision::checkContentModel(), which ends up checking content queried from replica databases, and the replicas don't yet have the new page's content.

It seems this is the cause of T146880.


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Without being familiar with the code (so it's probably bad advice :) it seems like Revision::newNullRevision should set mQueryFlag to READ_LATEST since it always represents master state?

Yep, looks like this was just fixed! T146880 is no longer reproducible on the beta cluster... Thx, @Tgr for the tip!!