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OCSP Stapling: support truly-independent ECC/RSA Certs+Staples
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Our current OCSP Stapling support (built from local OCSP caching scripts + nginx's ssl_stapling_file) is only known to properly support two sub-cases:

  • A normal, singular certificate (the trivial case)
  • A single Staple validating a matched pair of ECC+RSA certs which share the same Intermediate (parent) signing cert and the same OCSP URI, where the upstream OCSP server also supports validating the pair in a single response

In the future, especially considering CA vendor diversity, the future plans of our existing CA, and browser support, we'll also need to support using 2x separate Staples cached and loaded into the TLS terminator for matching ECC+RSA certs, which have different signers and potentially different OCSP servers, where we send only 1x correct singular Staple authorizing the correct singular cert (the one the client is authorizing on.