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Primary Source tool shouldn't suggest claims without sources
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I used the random primary source feature and it lead me to "". The Primary Source tool suggest that the person is a singer but it doesn't provide any sources for the claim.

It also does the same with claims about her having a degree at "Sonoda Women's University" and residence in Kōbe and Takarazuka.

Without a claim there no way for a user of the primary sources tool to verify whether it works correctly and the user should approve the claim.

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I totally agree, but I think this should be handled at the dataset level, not at the tool level.
In other words, the issue is caused by the Freebase datasets having lots of blacklisted references, see T188712.
On the other hand, StrepHit guarantees at least one reference per statement.

For future datasets, I strongly believe that non-blacklisted references should be a hard requirement.