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Add indices for local_user_id and global_user_id in production
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Once the local_user_id and global_user_id fields are completely populated on the production cluster, we should get the DBAs to add the following indexes:

  • (lu_local_id, lu_wiki)
  • (lu_global_id, lu_wiki)

These should not be UNIQUE.

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Thanks for the ticket. We (DBAs) are not completely sure about how to proceed on this ticket as we are missing some information.

In order to avoid misunderstandings would you be so kind to follow this procedure, as it makes sure we have all the information we'd need to proceed with the ticket?

Of course, if you need more information or help from us, let us know in this ticket and we'll happily help!


Niharika added a subscriber: Niharika.

Hi @Marostegui we're not proceeding with this task until code that needs these indices is in places. Taking off the DBA tag for now.
Thank you!

Hey @Niharika - thanks for the heads up!
Let us know when you need us then :-)