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Redesign WikiEditor to look like VisualEditor
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This is a feature report.

We should redesign wikieditor to be more modern and to look a lot like VisualEditor without requiring anything extra like Parsoid.

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Maybe related:

We are experimenting with providing a more modern wikitext editor which can provide a consistent experience between the visual and wikitext editors, and between desktop and mobile; there's a video of our work to date on this, still incomplete, which some of you may have seen. Naturally, any new wikitext editor would have to be not just change for its own sake but better for users to be worth switching, so we're cautious about how quickly we would introduce this; certainly, a beta feature test of the initial version for the intrepid will be necessary before we make any plans as to wider availability.

@Sjoerddebruin hi yes that's related but that will require Parsoid and they have no plans to allow users to install VisualEditor without installing other extra's like parsoid.

So this task is so that we can get the new look for the plain text editor from VisualEditor in wikieditor.

Dereckson renamed this task from Redesgn WikiEditor to look like VisualEditor to Redesign WikiEditor to look like VisualEditor.Oct 15 2016, 7:39 PM