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Provide Special:ExternalLinksFromHere which displays in-line links from Wikipedia, Wikibooks, commons, meta, etc.
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Author: wikt.3.connelm

It would be nice to have a Special page on that displayed in-line links from Wikipedia, Wikibooks, commons, meta, etc., as well as any direct in-line links from other languages (obviously ignoring interwiki links.) Or perhaps the inverse is easier to implement? A Special: page on en.wiktionary that lists all external projects (w:, wikinews:, wikibooks:, wikisource:, etc.) that aren't invisible interwiki links. (Dunno if it would have to do something special for {{wikipedia}} links - those probably shouldn't be listed by this type of facility, except to mention wikt:'s [[Template:wikipedia]].)

(I've wanted to request this one for ages: was a good reminder.)

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Severity: enhancement
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