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Rgb color transclusion does not work with wikitext table syntax
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  1. Create a template "aaa" with text "caramel"
  2. Create a template "ccc" with text "#123456"
  3. Create a page A with wikicode
<td bgcolor="{{aaa}}">text</td>
  1. Create a page B with wikicode
<td bgcolor="{{ccc}}">text</td>
  1. Create a page C with wikicode
| bgcolor="{{aaa}}" |text
  1. Create a page D with wikicode
| bgcolor="{{ccc}}" |text
  1. When A-C work well, D will fail, because #123456 will be interpreted as

in the middle of the line. It seems that lists parsing should be done after the transclusion.
Thank you.