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Complete Quickfact prototype for testing
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Building off of Finding 20 from the New Readers research, this concept would add a "save article summary" (or similar) button to the mobile website. The summary would include the first paragraph, infobox, and image within infobox if the article has all 3.

The reader would then be able to download a summary and share the file using whatever she usually uses.


Chris (primary)
Kumari (secondary)


  • Chris wants to learn height of Mikel, a famous Nigerian footballer.
  • Chris wants to learn about algebraic topology for a school project.
  • Chris wants to share news about a politician with a friend.

User journey:

  1. Navigate to an article
  2. Open an article summary as JPG
  3. Download using native UI


Deployed versions

  1. Get summary button after lead paragraph, saves pdf


Electron-pdf push to production: T142226

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