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Complete Saved Pages prototype for testing
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@aripstra @ovasileva I didn't know which tags to use for you, please adjust if needed.

Building off of Finding 20 from the New Readers research, this concept would use service worker to create a progressive web app, allowing readers to save chosen articles in their browser's cache.

We're particularly interested in testing whether a concept like this makes any sense to people - it's a strange idea to have access to browser content when offline.


Chris (primary)
Kumari (secondary)


  • Chris wants to learn height of Mikel, a famous Nigerian footballer.
  • Chris wants to learn about algebraic topology for a school project.
  • Chris wants to share news about a politician with a friend.

User journey:

  1. [Online] Navigate to an article
  2. [Online] Save the article to a "saved" list
  3. [Online] See "saved" list
  4. [Online] Add other desired articles to "saved" list
  5. [Online] Add "saved" list to homescreen
  6. [Offline] access saved articles


Deployed versions

  1. In progress version of "save page" and offline bar

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